Made in Britain

Find out more about Made in Britain, the non-profit organisation supporting UK manufacturing.

John Pearce, CEO, Made in Britain presentation will be discussing how SME manufacturing is growing better and greener in a post-Brexit, post-pandemic economy.


Kevin Brundish tells us more about AMTE Power, a lithium iron cell manufacturer based in Scotland.

Kevin will be speaking at this year's Manufacturing Management Show on the UK's place on the road to future mobility.


NMITE endeavours to educate the next generation of engineers, by supporting students, educating them and collaborating with companies to provide them with real-life experience.

Dr Nadia Kourra will be presenting at this year's Manufacturing Management Show on the next generation of engineering within manufacturing.


James Widmer is CEO and co-founder of Advanced Electric Machines, which develops and builds the world's most sustainable electric motors.

James Widmer will be at this year's Subcon show discussing AEM’s mission to create the world’s most sustainable electric powertrain. James will explain how, unlike other sustainable technologies, this does not come at the expense of performance; AEM’s motors allow customers to go Faster and Further, whilst remaining much Greener.


Mick Goodwin is research and education lead at Markforged, a company that make 3D printers.

Mick will be speaking at this year's Subcon Show on how higher education and industry both have roles to play in supporting career growth and modernising manufacturing - and initiatives like Manchester Metropolitan University’s 3D additive and digital manufacturing centre, PrintCity is one such success story.


Phill Davies, co-founder and commercial director of Magway gives an introduction to their zero-emissions, low-footprint, high-capacity delivery system. Faster, smarter, safer and cheaper than existing solutions, it has the capacity to take up to 90% of online delivery vehicles off our roads, drastically reducing congestion, pollution and the carbon footprint of shopping online. Able to deliver the equivalent of 20,000 40ft container loads through each 1m diameter pipe, per week, it gives people what they want, when they want it. Delivering Good(s)


Dom Tribe is Director at Vendigital, a consultancy agency specialising in procurement and supply chain, as well as operating strategy, cost and value engineering and portfolio management, driving cost and operational efficiency using data tools and data science.

Dom will be speaking on 'managing the cost of supply chain disruption - globalisation, decarbonisation and innovation' at this year's Subcon show.


Rob Capaldi, Market Head for Industrialisation at Ricardo Performance Products will be speaking at this year's Subcon Show.

Rob will be talking about industrialising innovation, watch the video for more information.