Meet the team: Gordon Kirk, Event Director

Meet the team: Gordon Kirk, Event Director

How long have you been working on Subcon?

I have been with Centaur for 6 years and this is my 3rd year on Subcon

And what do you do?

As Event Director, I am responsible for the overall strategy and delivery of the event as well as the day to day oversight of the marketing, sales, operations and finance departments

What do you love about working on Subcon?

It’s a cliché but it has to be the team. I am lucky enough to work with a group of people that genuinely pour their hearts and souls into making sure the event delivers on all fronts for everyone involved.  

Subcon has been around for over 40 years! What makes it unique?

Its heritage in the industry sets it apart from the competition. You don’t survive as a show for 40 plus years without doing a good job of meeting the needs of your visitors and exhibitors alike.

What’s new for 2019?

2019 sees the introduction of our Launchpad which is a free platform for startups to help them get a footing in the industry. We are also in the process of having our entire conference programme CPD accredited which is a mark of the improvements the show has made on this front in recent years. We have several other new features in the works at the moment so watch this space..

If you could only pick one thing, what’s your show highlight for 2019?

I am always excited to see the 3 shows together in action – last time that happened we delivered the record show attendance and I’m looking forward to seeing new records being broken this year!

What are your top tips for exhibitors to get the most out of Subcon?

  1. Please make the most of the preshow marketing support – we provide a wide range of completely free marketing and PR opportunities to help our audience know you will be there. Your prospective and existing clients will likely be at the event so make sure you invite them to see you rather than the competition
  2. Do your follow up! We can provide you with the leads but sadly we are not able to help you close them
  3. Stand Up! I will be personally walking the floor and kicking any exhibitors I see sat down staring into their phones!

Tell us your favourite Subcon story?

My favourite story of recent times came from one of our exhibitors, DVR at last year’s event. They took an order onsite from a new customer they met at last year’s show for 1 million pounds – I heard last week that this has since developed into a multimillion pound deal on the back of a single conversation at Subcon 18. Stories like that make it all worthwhile!

Tell us three things about yourself, only two of which are true? 

  1. I have my first child due to arrive two weeks after Subcon! Very considerate timing
  2. In a former life I played poker professionally
  3. I was in the original line up of dance troupe Diversity

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