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01 May 2024

How bespoke packaging supports supply chain management

Actionpoint Packaging Stand: E72
How bespoke packaging supports supply chain management
Making packaging more compact and stackable, enables more products to be added to each pallet.

Packaging’s primary role is to contain and protect goods, but its influence goes much further. How well your packaging performs has a domino effect on the supply chain. The chosen design and materials (and the way they are managed) impact areas as diverse as logistics efficiencies, sustainability, regulatory compliance, and supply chain resilience.

How bespoke packaging supports supply chain management

Packaging’s primary role is to contain and protect goods, but its influence goes much further. How well your packaging performs has a domino effect on the supply chain. The chosen design and materials (and the way they are managed) impact areas as diverse as logistics efficiencies, sustainability, regulatory compliance, and supply chain resilience.

This is where bespoke packaging with Actionpoint has the edge on off-the-shelf products. It gives you greater control over every aspect of your packaging. Together, we create and test a solution designed to meet all your needs and withstand the rigors of transportation. Working with our award-winning design team, you get reliable packaging that supports your organisation’s ability to avoid, mitigate, or bounce back from supply chain disruptions – whether labour shortages, spikes in demand, or major global events.

Damage control

We produce effective packaging that ensures your products reach their destination intact and on schedule. This reduces the risk of broken, spoiled, or contaminated goods, and the ensuing hassle of having to return and replace them. As well you know, rectifying problems is costly and time-consuming, wasting money, energy, and resources. Damaged goods tarnish your reputation and customer satisfaction, and it’s bad news for the environment, too, generating additional waste and greenhouse gases (GHGs). At Actionpoint, we believe that prevention is better than cure.

Why is bespoke packaging so effective? Unlike standard packaging, our bespoke solutions are tailored to the unique nature of:

  1. Your goods
    Design and materials are chosen based on your product’s size, shape, weight, bulk, and other properties for the best possible protection. For example, the ideal packaging for glass lighting will be very different to that needed to protect heavy machinery, electronics, chemicals, or frozen food.
  2. Your operation
    Packaging is created to work in harmony with your resources and operational style, making the greatest use of your staff, tools, machinery, space, and vehicles. You’ll be amazed at the efficiency improvements in your assembly, packing, and logistics.
  3. Your goals
    Solutions are designed to achieve your packaging goals such as decreasing damage rates, waste, or virgin plastics; introducing recycled material or branding; or enhancing functionality, pack times, or visual appeal.
  4. Your environment
    Materials are selected to perform within the setting your goods will be packed, stored, and transported. They are tailored to protect your products from hazards such as moisture, extreme temperatures, dust, and bacteria.
  5. Your customers
    Bespoke solutions consider first impressions, tamper proofing, the unboxing experience, ease of returns, and more, to help you meet or exceed your customers’ expectations and build brand loyalty.

Logistics efficiency

Our design team can create packaging that is easier and faster to pack, which optimises your staff productivity and speeds up order fulfilment. We consider how to make the packaging more compact and stackable, as this enables more products to be added to each pallet. As a result, you maximise your available storage, racking, and transport space while lowering shipping costs. Plus, by delivering additional goods on each journey, you’re saving fuel and transport related GHGs as well as shortening turnaround times.

Guaranteed supply

Stockholding, also known as stock and serve, or just in time deliveries, is another key tool for optimising logistics. A stockholding agreement with Actionpoint allows you to order large quantities of packaging at a time, cutting the price of each unit, and guaranteeing you always have packaging on hand. We store it at a secure site and deliver it to you on request, with payment on delivery. Actionpoint offers next day delivery as standard as well as same day for urgent items to support your organisation’s changing needs.

Stockholding saves you renting expensive warehouse space or frees it up for more product, equipment, or machinery. Planning ahead in this way gives you flexibility to meet peaks and troughs in demand and protects your business from bottlenecks or shortages in raw materials, ensuring a smooth, uninterrupted supply of packaging.

Increased sustainability

Bespoke packaging solves your packaging problems while minimising your carbon footprint. Overpackaging is unacceptable, but it’s no good using so little packaging material that your goods are routinely damaged. Any cost or carbon savings will be wiped out by the expense and activity involved in replacing them. There is a balance to be found, and this is another of Actionpoint’s strengths.

Our bespoke packaging decreases waste by using only the amount of material needed to follow the size and contours of your goods. This shrinks any gaps around your products, so you don’t end up shipping empty space or using excessive amounts of voidfill. The design process considers the sustainability, cost, and efficiency of your packaging’s whole journey: from sourcing and availability of raw materials through to manufacture, storage, delivery, unboxing, and end-of-life. We have access to a vast array of sustainable materials on the market that are thinner and lighter, made from renewable sources, use recycled content, and are recyclable and biodegradable. Each one brings its own benefits, such as the use of lightweight materials reduces courier charges and GHGs, while Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved paper can be traced back to its responsibly managed source and protects companies from accusations of greenwashing.

Regulatory compliance

Packaging regulations are many and varied between the UK and abroad and across different industries. But compliance is crucial if you are to avoid delays, fines, and reputational damage. Actionpoint’s bespoke packaging is created to meet the relevant legal and safety standards, building trust in your brand, and ensuring smoother supply chain operations. You have peace of mind that your packaging will be a step ahead of new and changing legislation such as the UK’s Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging (EPR), and the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).

Supply chain resilience

At Actionpoint, we are in regular contact with our network of trusted manufacturers and have built strong working relationships. It keeps us up-to-the-minute on industry news and market trends and provides early detection of problems in the supply chain. Our customers benefit from shorter lead times, competitive prices, and advance warning to avoid or alleviate any issues likely to affect their packaging supply. Not only that, but we also give hands-on support to streamline warehouse operations, increasing their responsiveness and agility. In addition to stockholding, our services include:

  • Performing stock checks to count packaging stock you are holding on your own site.
  • Demonstrating the most efficient way to assemble your packaging and pack your goods.
  • Calculating how to achieve optimal palletisation and maximise your storage space.

When you partner with Actionpoint, you have better flexibility and control over your packaging. You’re in a stronger position than your competitors to deal with known and unforeseen supply chain disruptions.

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Come and speak with our team about your packaging requirements, concerns, and goals. We can advise you on minimising costs and carbon footprint, reducing damages/returns, complying with packaging legislation, capturing brand identity, and more, to support your business and enhance supply chain efficiency.

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