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01 May 2024

Case Study on Cost Reductions & Sustainability

Actionpoint Packaging Stand: E72
Case Study on Cost Reductions & Sustainability
Implementing packaging changes has led to a total saving of £17,995.68 per annum


  • Implementing the changes has led to a total saving of £17,995.68 per annum.
  • Significant time-savings and increased productivity achieved at packing stations.
  • Enhanced Hochiki’s packaging sustainability and reputation with customers.
  • Positive results have motivated the business to make further eco improvements.
  • Plans for an Insight packaging review to find more opportunities to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Upcoming visit to the Packaging Creation Lounge to explore eco packaging design.


For 100 years Hochiki Corporation has led the way in the design and manufacture of innovative life safety solutions. Its leading-edge commercial and industrial fire detection and emergency lighting products have acquired global acceptance as the benchmark for high-integrity and long-term reliability.


When plastic packaging was raised as an issue for Hochiki’s customers in Spain, the business decided to take a closer look at this aspect of their packaging as part of their continuous improvement plan. Hochiki concluded they were using too much plastic packaging and decided to make the switch to a sustainable alternative, not just for their packaging going to Spain but for all of their customers, everywhere.


Actionpoint identified that by targeting voidfill and packing tape, Hochiki would find it very easy to introduce alternatives, reduce plastic in their packaging, and achieve significant cost savings.


Actionpoint helped Hochiki to update its paper voidfill capacity by replacing their PaperPlus and paper voidfill machines with PaperPlus Papillon. This provides a much better filling capacity, which means less voidfill is required in the boxes. Using less material is better for the environment and means the overall weight is kept down while still achieving the necessary level of protection for Hochiki’s products.

The Papillion is also being used as a speedy and effective way to replace plastic bubble and air pillow solutions with recyclable and biodegradable Kraft paper voidfill. Previously, warehouse operatives had to leave their packing stations to fetch the plastic voidfill in trugs. Now, they have a paper voidfill machine at every station and productivity has soared.

Plastic tape has now been removed from their packaging and replaced with fully recyclable, FSC® certified (FSC-C186587) Eden paper e-tape, which is made from Kraft paper and has a natural solvent.

As announced at the grand opening of their new warehouse premises, making these changes, have demonstrated Hochiki’s commitment to sustainability, which will ultimately enhance their reputation as a responsible business with their customers.

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