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MIETrak Pro Brings Central Profiles Operations Into 21st Century

MIE Solutions Stand: C72
MIETrak Pro Brings Central Profiles Operations Into 21st Century

With continued growth Central Profiles sought a comprehensive ERP solution that could integrate all their departments seamlessly all the way from creating quotes to managing production and creating invoices. MIETrak Pro was selected because as well as offering an all-encompassing platform that could efficiently manage their entire operations, Central Profiles also felt the MIE team where the right fit to support them in their implementation journey. 

Now utilising MIETrak in all departments of the business the biggest improvements have come from the software's advanced planning tools allowing them to optimise their production capabilities, with the benefit of being able to track parts as they progress through the factory and create production schedules to help plan machine workloads.


“Following on from the  MIETrak Pro demonstration, we felt it was the missing piece to support & integrate all aspects of our business and streamline the way we worked. The software had all the modules we needed to bring operations into the 21st century and we felt confident and assured that the MIE team would be there to help us through the initial change and continued growth.  Since going live with the software we have made various requests to modify elements in order to suit our individual needs, this has always been dealt with effectively & efficiently by the MIE support team. With MIETrak pro we now benefit from having all of our information in one place, with the extensive analytics the software provides we have been able to make various improvements to the way we work ensuring our customer always receives the best service and product.”

Adam Caldwell- Project Engineer 


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