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QTS Find MIETrak Pro Transformative

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QTS Find MIETrak Pro Transformative

As an organisation with ingrained values of continual improvements, QTS identified the need for a central database after years of running two separate systems for their sales and operational teams. In 2021 MIE Trak Pro was selected as the ideal ERP software to connect all areas of the business and enhance departmental communications, significantly elevating data automation and providing their customers with an ever-improving experience.


Since installation, QTS have been formidable in their dedication to implementing MIE Trak Pro into daily operations and as a result, they are now reaping the benefits of easily accessible data and streamlined procedures. One example of this is the ability to analyse work orders to establish ‘real-time costs’ based upon labour collections and material consumption. This has proven to be a game changer when compared to their previous processes of manually collating this data which was not only time-consuming but susceptible to human error. Another key feature for the QTS team is the ability to manipulate large volumes of sales data in different formats and filter based on specific requirements, creating ‘real-time’ data sets which has helped all levels of the business in their planning and strategic decision making. 


MIE Trak Pro now provides QTS with full visibility throughout the business in one system from RFQ to dispatch, thus enabling them to answer customer queries factually and efficiently, which in turn enables the business to maintain the world-class customer service they are renowned for. As a company that also prides itself on not only the quality of their products but also their commitment to customer satisfaction, it is with great pleasure that we work with progressive manufacturers such as Qube Total Solutions. 

“As a company deeply committed to continuous improvement and exceptional customer service, QTS's decision to implement MIETrak Pro has been transformative. Since its integration in December 2022, we've experienced a remarkable shift in operational efficiency and data accuracy across departments. MIETrak Pro's centralised system has not only streamlined our workflows from sales to dispatch but has also significantly boosted our data automation capabilities. With real-time data access and improved planning tools, we're now able to make more informed, strategic decisions faster than ever. MIETrak Pro is more than just an ERP solution; it's been a catalyst for elevating our customer experience and driving our business forward."

Craig De-Lara-Managing Director QTS /


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