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29 Apr 2024

TGM Industrial's Subcon Debut

TGM Industrial Group Ltd Stand: C107
TGM Industrial's Subcon Debut
Ferrybridge Workshops Engineering Facility

TGM Industrial Group, an integrated set of UK companies incorporating four precision engineering businesses, two foundries and three industrial fastener companies, is pleased to exhibit at SubCon for the first time.

With over 250 employees through the Midlands and Yorkshire, TGM serves customers in various industrial sectors, including conventional and renewable power, oil and gas, transportation infrastructure and aerospace.


TGM Industrial companies include the following:

  • Ferrybridge Workshops.  Operating from 160,000 sq-ft facilities in Knottingley, Ferrybridge provides precision heavy engineering, turbine and valve services of a capacity unique within the United Kingdom to power generation, utilities and industrial sectors.


  • PT Engineers.  Based in Rugby, PT Engineers specialises in large turbine parts, case manufacture, valve components, shafts and rotors for critical industries.


  • Fowler and Holden.  Based in Grimsby, this company’s foundry division produces iron and ductile castings up to 2500 kg while its engineering division machines both castings and other steel and non-ferrous components.


  • Arrow Butler Castings.  Based in Chesterfield, this company’s foundry division specialises in gravity die and sand castings in all grade of aluminium while its engineering division services both its foundry and various third-party customers.   


  • Union Fasteners/RCF Bolt & Nut /GSS Fasteners.  These companies manufacture and distribute bespoke and standard industrial fasteners.

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