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27 Feb 2024

WLR install new Muratec MT 100

WLR Prototype Engineering Ltd Stand: C78
WLR install new Muratec MT 100
Muratec MT100

The MT100 is the ultimate in unmanned multi-axis turning centres designed for small batch through to volume production.

Equipped with large 15 station turrets, the MT100 offers complete clearance around the spindle working area for both internal and external turning tools whether working from billet or bar loading up to 52mm.

Each turret sits on a ‘Box Guideway’ designed to give a true 90 degree Y axis with 60mm of travel.

All 15 stations are driven with 6,000rpm and up to 8kw, and a large range of both static and driven tool holders are available to configure the turret for multiple components in one set-up.

Designed with automation as standard, the MT100i is available with bar loader, this combined with the intelligent servo unloader can be integrated into existing automation or component handling systems for complete unmanned operation.

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