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21 May 2024

Brass Cable Glands

Ashwani Global Exports Stand: B102

 After understanding all the critical feature of the glands, we are committed to manufacture safe, leak proof, flameproof and explosion proof glands to avoid all mishaps & prevent any hazards to the health & property. Key Features: Cable Glands are produced as per BS 6121 Standard. BW type Cable Glands provide an integral armor clamp for armored cable which provides an electrical bond between the cable armor & the gland. A1/A2 Gland Provides a single pull resistant seal on the outer sheath of an unarmored cable. This Type gland maintains ingress protection of IP66/IP68 to 25 Meters. PG Glands are basically produced as per DIN standard 46320/46255 & available with sprain relief facility with round or hex intermediate sockets. Marine Cable Glands as per JIS standards are basically used for Ship Decks & other marine Applications. Material: Brass as per IS 319 or BS 249 or BS 2874:CZ 121 or any high graded brass as per custom specification for main parts & Steel, PVC, LFS, Rubber etc. for various accessories. Sizes & Types: BW, CW, A1/A2 & E1W are available in sizes of 16mm to 90mm In L & S type. PG glands are available from 7pg threads to 63pg. Custom sizes can be developed as per custom demand & requirement. Finish: Natural, Nickel,Tin,Chrome are in usual trend or any as per custom demand. Accessories: Various Cable Glands are available in kits packs with accessories viz. lock nuts, PVC shrouds or LSF shrouds and brass earth tags. Any special accessory can be incorporated in Kit Pack as per custom requirement.


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