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15 Feb 2024

Clean Room Moulding

Dudley Associates Ltd Stand: B91

About our Clean Room

A clean room is essential when manufacturing plastic injection moulded products that have to be kept clean and free from contamination. This is especially the case for businesses in the medical sector, which will often look for a plastic injection moulding supplier that has access to a clean room. The fact that we have one in-house is just another reason why clients come back to us time and again.

Our ISO class 8 clean room ensures that your parts will be contamination-free and fit for purpose at all times.

Having the clean room in place means that we’re able to open up our capabilities further and supply a wider range of customers and products – which puts us ahead of many other plastic injection moulding providers. For example, we don’t just use our clean room for medical plastic parts. We also produce components for electronic devices, food-related products and more.

How it’s Different

There are many ways in which a clean room environment differs from typical injection moulding floor, including:

Air Flow

Our clean room is equipped with a positive air flow that ensures the purity of the air at all times and maintains a strict particulate count.


Our clean room operatives are required to wear appropriate hygiene coverings at all times, such as shoe covers, full body gowns and hair covers.

Contamination Free

Our clean room gives our customers the peace of mind they need that their plastic injection moulded products are fit for purpose and contamination free.


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