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08 May 2024

Machined die casted parts

Swildens B.V. Stand: F55

Arslan Makina has been serving as a reliable supplier in the
aluminium industry for over 50 years with a value-driven
production and a solution-focused approach.

At Arlsan, we produce value-added aluminium components with our expertise by using various manufacturing processes all in house such as Aluminium Die Casting, Tooling Design and Manufacturing, Machining, Aluminium Forging, Heat Treatment (T4-T5-T6) and Electrostatic Powder Painting. Prioritising customer satisfaction, we deliver high-quality aluminium products to ur customers on time through the use of cutting-edge technologies and precise planning.

8 different aluminium alloys availlable

Die casting presses ranging from 160 to 2300 Ton

Parts ranging from 20 gr up to 35 kg

Heat treatment in house T4 up to T7

Powder coating in house

Forging press

31 vertical CNC machining centers with high automation level

6 lathes




  • Anodising
  • CNC Machining
  • Complete Manufacturing Services
  • Drilling & Tapping
  • Electro-Mechanical Assemblies
  • Hydraulics
  • Machining
  • Machining Centres / Milling Machines
  • Mechanical Components
  • Metal Forming
  • Metal Parts
  • Milling
  • Small Parts
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Turning
  • Turning, Milling & Machining
  • Other
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