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22 Apr 2024

Meltio unveils Alchemist 1, the additive manufacturing robotic workcell

Meltio unveils Alchemist 1, the additive manufacturing robotic workcell
Meltio, the manufacturer of wire-laser metal deposition systems, alongside Accufacture and FANUC America, introduces Alchemist 1, an innovative all-in-one Additive Manufacturing robotic work cell made in the USA.

Engineered for seamless integration and rapid deployment, Alchemist 1 is poised to revolutionise metal additive manufacturing across a myriad of industries.

Powered by Meltio’s Wire-Laser Metal Deposition (W-LMD) technology, Alchemist 1 delivers cost-effective production of large, fully dense metal parts, catering to the needs of automotive, aerospace, mining, oil and gas, and various other sectors. Boasting an array of key features, including a deposition rate of up to 1 kg an hour, a spacious build volume of 3.2’ x 6.5’ x 3.2’, and compatibility with inexpensive welding wire feedstock, Alchemist 1 ensures both superior performance and affordability.

The pre-integrated Alchemist 1 Cell, seamlessly combines Meltio’s LW-DED (Directed Energy Deposition) head with a state-of-the-art FANUC six-axis robot and two-axis positioner within a sleek, laser-safe enclosure. Furthermore, the system comes complete with a complimentary Meltio Space robotic slicer license, though customers have the flexibility to utilize other slicer technologies as well.

Xavier Fajardo, CEO of Accufacture, said: “Our Alchemist 1 Cell marks the culmination of our extensive relationship with Meltio and FANUC, aimed at expanding the horizons of large format metal 3D printing. By offering a standardised, preconfigured solution, we aim to streamline the adoption process for our customers, thereby accelerating innovation across diverse industries.”

Alejandro Nieto, Meltio Engine Product Manager, added: “We are thrilled to deepen our collaboration with Accufacture through the introduction of Alchemist 1. This solution not only caters to the needs of North American customers but also underscores our shared commitment to efficiency and simplicity in metal additive manufacturing.”

Michael Sharpe, Executive Director Sales for Materials Joining, said: “The DED print quality coupled with the FANUC Robot motion allows for Accufacture to combine the best of both companies’ technologies into a complete Class 1 laser package. The Alchemist 1 solution simplifies 3D LW-DED printing so customers can concentrate on production.”

Source: Accufacture unveils Alchemist 1, powered by Meltio and made in the USA | Meltio (

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