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04 Apr 2024

Foamit Group doubles its foam glass manufacturing capacity at the Onsøy plant

Foamit Group doubles its foam glass manufacturing capacity at the Onsøy plant
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Foamit Group and its shareholders Partnera Corporation and Tesi (Finnish Industry Investment Ltd) have decided on investments of approximately €10m in the company’s Onsøy production plant in Norway.

The investment amount includes the factory infrastructure modifications already completed. The investment programme consists of two new powerful and ecological electric production lines and the modernisation of existing production lines into electric lines.

Following the investment programme, the capacity of the production plant, located close to Fredrikstad, will double and the production will be close to emission-free. The additional capacity will provide Foamit Group with new opportunities for offering foam glass to large and significant Nordic infrastructure and building construction projects.

Investment in emission-free production

After the investment programme is complete, the Onsøy production plant will be the most energy-efficient producer of foam glass in the Nordic countries. In the first stage of the programme, during the first half of 2025, the plant will have two new electric production lines installed, with a foam glass manufacturing capacity of approximately 130,000 m3. The production lines will use the best available technology in energy recovery and management systems. After the addition of the new capacity, the existing two fossil fuel-based production lines will be converted into electric lines.

All of the electricity used by Foamit Group is fossil-free, meaning that the product-specific CO2 emissions of foam glass made in Onsøy will decrease by approximately 60 per cent. Emissions will mostly be caused by transport. The location of the Onsøy production plant close to important markets helps to keep the transport distances of foam glass short and emissions from transport low.

Foam glass capacity for major projects

Foamit Group has strong order books, with exceptionally large infrastructure and building construction projects in 2024–2026. The additional capacity provided by the investment will, in particular, respond to strong demand in Sweden and Norway, but it will also facilitate starting exports to Denmark. The additional capacity of the Onsøy plant will also make it possible to further develop the Group’s other production plants and focus on small fractions with higher value for the construction segment, for example, besides large-scale production.

The environmental permit process for expanding the plant’s production is already in progress, and the plant has made changes in the infrastructure that make the investment possible. The additional capacity brought about by the investment programme will enter use in full during 2026, at which time the modernised lines will also return to operation alongside the new production lines. The investment is expected to contribute not only to Foamit Group’s revenue, but also profitability, as savings are expected from the energy efficiency resulting from the investments and replacing fossil fuel with green electricity.

“The investment in the Onsøy production plant will strengthen Foamit Group’s position as the most significant Nordic foam glass producer. The emission-free production capacity will also support our growth strategy and objectives of being the preferred partner in the sector. As the capacity grows, we will also continuously focus on ensuring that there is enough raw material. Upcoming regulatory changes will enhance the availability of raw material, and we are continuously investigating new local raw material sources”, says Kalle Härkönen, CEO of Foamit Group.

Source: Foamit Group doubles its foam glass manufacturing capacity at the Onsøy plant | Foamit

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