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Alan Lothian

Alan Lothian

Director, 3A Business Excellence Ltd
Alan has held senior leadership positions in a career spanning over 25 years, predominantly in manufacturing and operational excellence. Covering both private and public sectors, industries such as Automotive (Prodrive, Excel Group & Dana TM4), Aerospace (Eaton), Industrial Power Generation (GE Converteam & Eaton), Food & Beverage (Ivy Bush Brewery), MOD and NHS (Blood & Transplant).
Since 2000, Alan has had the privilege of Japanese tutelage via a Toyota Sensei, trained by Ohno himself. His lifelong learning has led him to become a keen advocator of Goldratt’s ‘Theory or Constraints’ and ‘Critical Chain Project Management’ philosophies.
Alan has had the benefit of applying and sharing his knowledge in multiple industries with significant, sustained, results in both people and profitability. This includes accountability for a business turnaround of a £30M company, achieving ROS from 6% loss to 18% profit, whilst maintaining annual sales growth of 15% YoY, leading to awards for leadership, operational excellence, and people engagement. He also developed business production systems in Lotus, Eaton, and Converteam as well as a contributor to the Business Improvement Techniques NVQ qualification.
“I am proud of my background, and the good fortune to be given the opportunity to learn by some of the most credible in their field. I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could take long term responsibility in applying what I had learned, and I’m pleased that I did. Being accountable in a position of leadership over the long term is where the true learning happens, and what sets you apart from many others. 3ABEL associates hold similar backgrounds and experiences and know only too well that it’s the principles of People, Process and Passion that matter. We look forward to working with you on your journey”.