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Gareth Lewis

Gareth Lewis

MD/CEO, Project 7

Toyota Motor Corporation is synonymous with operational excellence, known for its high-quality products, social responsibility, and the legendary Toyota Production System (TPS). In 1992, Toyota brought this commitment to Europe, establishing its first manufacturing facility in Burnaston, UK. Here, a unique opportunity arose for those initial employees.
A relatively inexperienced workforce was sent to Japan for intensive training with Sensei’s, experienced masters of TPS. This immersive experience, followed by continuous on-the-job learning back in the UK, created a unique, limited number of leaders who excel in operational excellence.

This is where Gareth’s fascination with operational excellence began. Rising to become the youngest Operations Director globally (from Team Leader), Gareth spent a year in Japan learning from the masters of the Toyota Production System. This instilled in him a DNA of lean principles and a passion for driving efficiency. After five years of consulting success, applying the learned knowledge in a wide variety of different sectors, he founded Project7 Consultancy in 2005. As an interim management leader, he’s not just an advisor; he’s an active agent of change, hands-on, and personally deploys the solutions he creates.

Gareth is renowned for having a unique ability to simplify complex problems and situations, defining a logical pathway to resolution.