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Natalia Adamson

Natalia Adamson

Project Engineer, Ricardo plc, Volunteer, SheCanEngineer

Natalia is a Project Engineer at Ricardo plc, where she leads project delivery in the Vehicle Emissions Research Centre, overseeing whole vehicle emissions and electric consumption testing. Her expertise in certification testing ensures that test procedures meet stringent regulatory requirements, guaranteeing the accuracy and reliability of results. In addition to her technical role, Natalia actively engages in commercial work, managing projects from inception to completion, and being the dedicated Single Point of Contact for several major projects. 

Beyond her responsibilities at Ricardo plc, Natalia is deeply involved in the engineering community. As a Co-opted member of the IMechE's Young Members Board, she plays a key role in shaping the future of her Institution, focusing on governance strategies and initiatives to empower emerging engineers. Through her involvement, Natalia aims to foster an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and inclusivity within the engineering field.

As a STEM ambassador, Natalia shares her passion for engineering by inspiring the next generation of professionals. Through engaging presentations delivered to schools, she ignites curiosity and encourages students to explore the vast possibilities within the field. By sharing her experiences and insights, Natalia cultivates excitement and purpose among aspiring engineers, guiding them toward fulfilling careers. 

Additionally, Natalia serves as the Sponsor Liaison within SheCanEngineer, a charity  dedicated to driving diversity, equity, and inclusion within engineering. Natalia's commitment to championing DEI initiatives reflects her belief in the transformative power of inclusivity and her dedication to building a more equitable future for all engineers.