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Martyn Mangan

Martyn Mangan

Digital Transformation Specialist for Worcestershire, Made Smarter West Midlands

Martyn has a varied career ranging from painting Warburton factory ceilings to flying aircraft for the RAF. After 16 years in the Air Force he worked his way to becoming an FD for a furniture manufacturer in the North West before semi retiring after the company was sold. He was persuaded to work for Advance West Midlands covering advanced manufacturing, with a primary but not exclusive focus on automotive, were he developed a passion for the West Midlands and all that it offers especially its excellence in manufacturing. He worked closely with all elements of the supply chain and gained an understanding of the concerns and issues most of which still hold true to this day. 

With the closure of AWM he eventually set up as a consultant specialising in inward investment where his financial acumen and manufacturing knowledge led him to be part of most of the recent large UK investments. This gave him a reputation of being able to help companies deal with government and secure their funding but he knows a lot more than just that especially about the benefits of the UK supply chain. 

He's proud to be working as part of Made Smarter as the potential benefits of increased productivity and competitiveness it brings to a company are what he sees as a way of building on the West Midlands legacy and ensuring our position in the world.