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Our mission is to help our clients deliver a sustainable future through expertise, insight, and innovation.
This brief video provides a summary of our capability and ethos https://vimeo.com/635142236

The journey to sustainability and carbon net-zero
The world around us is changing. People’s priorities are shifting. We believe that environmental sustainability will increasingly be at the heart of delivering true business success. It will play a big part in determining competitive advantage and ensuring that businesses that adapt to changing stakeholder priorities, will continue to thrive. Our focus is on helping our clients achieve better business but in a greener world.

What do we do?
We do this by helping our customers make the right procurement decisions, better manage the complex process of utility billing, providing data and insight that improves operational and financial performance, and expert consultancy that optimises consumption. All this is enabled by the right systems and processes to manage data at scale, and the insight provided by a team of over 300 experts.

Helping leading organisations for over 50 years
Inenco has over 50 years of consultancy experience working in energy and utilities management; responding to the changing needs of our customers. This gives us the expertise and insight to help successfully control costs, improve margins, achieve regulatory compliance, and protect operational resilience. Our customers include leading organisations across sectors from property, manufacturing, retail, and logistics. We also support the delivery of public sector services with a particular focus on health, social housing, and education.

Better Business, Greener World
We are helping our customers to set and implement clear plans that chart a path to addressing their environmental sustainability challenges, meeting the global challenge of global warming, and achieving a carbon net zero future. For our own part, Inenco is committed to achieving true carbon net zero status by 2035. We have reduced our carbon footprint by 71% in the last year and offset over 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions by supporting schemes that acquire efficient cooking stoves in Malawi and the prevention of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest. We are also committed to delivering social value activity that supports some of the most socially and economically challenged communities in the country.

In Summary

  • 500 clients - We are very experienced in this market and trusted by hundreds of leading organisations
  • 300 experts - We are a people business – with the ability and scale to deliver high levels of service
  • 53 years’ experience - The length of our experience gives us a deep understanding of the energy market
  • £2.4bn+ energy managed annually - The scale of our procurement gives us very strong supplier relationships from which we can leverage to benefit our customers

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The OMNIDEX Group is your single-source provider for metal casting, fabrications, machining services, and other manufacturing processes* from concept to completion.

International Manufacturing
As a leading industrial manufacturer based in the UK, China & Vietnam, we offer complete solutions of metal castings, metal fabrications, precision machining, plastic fabrication and more one-stop manufacturing processes and solutions.

OMNIDEX is strategically based in the UK and Guangzhou, China; while our factories are mainly located in Scotland, China, and Vietnam. Because of this, we are capable of delivering products on time and deal with shipping issues in time. Also, the regions we are in, have highly concentrated metal and plastic processing as well as electronics, which allows us to have many local sub-contractors to provide us with on-time services, quality and the required materials.

Our Core Capabilities
One-stop-shop industrial manufacturing services. With our metal casting capabilities, we meet the needs of our customers regardless of the type of metal processing or other manufacturing requirements. With expertise and skilled engineers, our team is able to manufacture both small and large metal castings and fabrications as well as electronics and plastics.

Why do our customers continue to expand with us?
More than 80% of our sales turnover customers have continued to work with us between 5 and 17 years.  Why?  Because we provide world-class engineering and manufacture.  Our quality reputation is second to none.
* Metal castings, fabrications, machining, plastics processing, electronics and many other processes.

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We help manufacturing buyers to find quality UK-based subcontract suppliers that have immediate or long-term capacity. Upload your drawings on Drag, Drop, Source or send them to us by email, tell us your requirements and we will put you in contact with our manufacturing partners who will quote you directly.

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