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How can Digital Manufacturing, AI, Big Data and Industry 4.0 Technologies Support Improvement in the Workplace as well as Wider Society?

06 Jun 2024
The Manufacturing Insights Theatre
Panel Discussion
  • How can you support sustainability throughout your supply chain? 

  • Assessing the impact of disruptive technologies on people and process, and overcoming barriers to adoption 

  • Ensuring the technology enhances the human input, and adapts to human needs 

  • Putting global responsibility at the heart of engineering, ensuring a safe and just future for all 

  • Delivering the next generation of global leaders in industrial decarbonisation 

Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Champion and Director - Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre (IDRIC)
Jeremy Watson, Professor of Engineering Systems - Net Zero What Works Centre at UCL
Nandini Chakravorti, Associate Director - Digital Engineering Group, Manufacturing Technology Centre