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Execution Through High Performance

06 Jun 2024
The Subcon Innovation Zone

In this dynamic and empowering session on executing through high performance, participants will gain insights into the common causes of team dysfunction and the strategies to overcome them. Through exploring of poor communication, lack of trust, and conflicting goals and priorities, attendees will grasp the root causes of team challenges and learn how to address them effectively. With a focus on the role of leadership, this talk will unpack the actions leaders can implement to foster a cohesive and high-performing team culture. Armed with practical tools and knowledge, attendees will leave equipped to cultivate a positive and productive team dynamic, driving success and achievement.

3 take aways:
- Practical tools to implement in each level of the 5Dysfncutsion model by Patrick Lencioni.
- In depth understanding of how to create an engaged and productive working environment
- Reflection on the type of environment you as a leader have created for your team

Ann de Passos, Facilitator - Credo Growth