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What will be the impact of the upcoming UK Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism and the LCA framework regulations? What actions can industry take collectively and what support might be needed from government bodies?

06 Jun 2024
Workshops & Learning Space
  • With the EU implementing carbon border adjustment mechanisms, the UK is expected to implement a similar system to prevent carbon leakage. This has the potential to have a significant impact on manufacturing.  This session will discuss how manufacturers can prepare to track the carbon footprint of certain input materials, such as steel and aluminium. 

  • The EU is working on an LCA framework for the automotive industry lca4tran (, expected to be completed in 2025. The expectation is that the carbon accounting seen in the battery regulation will be rolled out across the entire vehicle. While clarity on LCA is welcome, carrying out LCA across an entire supply chain comes with significant challenges.  We will discuss the positive and negative impacts of CBAM in Europe and UK.

Chris Jones, Technology Trends Manager - Advanced Propulsion Centre
Sahin Alacacayir, Sr Sustainability Scientist - Minviro