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Mentoring and Career Development Workshops

05 Jun 2024
Workshops & Learning Space
  • Bringing together start-ups with larger companies 

  • Accessing top quality talent   

  • Apprenticeships and community connections to inspire young engineers 

  • Encouraging skills development in older workers 

  • Exploring diverse sources for finding new employees 

  • The team from SheCanEngineer will be facilitating a discussion around the business case for diverse teams and the power of mentoring in building inclusive work environments. 

Brett Jim, Engineering Employer Responsive Manager - Bmet College
Alison Renville, Regional Employment Broker - Ministry of Justice UK
Natalia Adamson, Project Engineer, Ricardo plc, Volunteer, SheCanEngineer
Natalie Collcutt, Senior Building Services Engineer, Watkins Payne and Volunteer, SheCanEngineer
Maira Bana, CFD Manager, RED Engineering Design, Trustee, SheCanEngineer