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Risky Business: Mastering Risk and Supply Chain Resilience

05 Jun 2024
Workshops & Learning Space

Supply chains are constantly at risk, and problems can cause serious harm to exporters. You need to know the risks you can predict, those you can't, and how to secure against all of them. 

Engaging with attendees, the discussion will cover: 

  • Black Swan events: how to ensure unforeseen events don’t disrupt your supply chain. 

  • Past is prologue: old solutions to modern problems. 

  • The limits (and utilities) of supply chain risk management tools. 

  • Why taking smaller risks to protect against greater ones is vital knowledge that's too rare to ignore. 

  • Protection against bad debt: assessing international credit risks while forging supply chain safeguards. 

  • Simplification: saving time and money. Complexity is not always beneficial. 

As an attendee, whether you're already exporting or considering it, you'll emerge from this session with essential, often overlooked methods that will sustain and grow your supply chain, and boost your firm's productivity. 

Hannes Monaghan, Trade Credit Insurance Broker - Turner Rawlinson