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Turning Obsolescence Challenges into Supply Chain Opportunities: Strategic Management for Sustainable Success

05 Jun 2024
The Subcon Innovation Zone

When encountering obsolete or unavailable electronic components, the dilemma arises: should you redesign or explore alternative solutions? Our panel will guide attendees through various strategies, highlighting how the optimal approach can vary across different industry sectors.

By choosing the correct strategy, companies can not only mitigate the risks associated with obsolete components but also turn these challenges into competitive advantage in terms of cost, sustainability, and time to market.

We'll investigate how the supply chain can impact sustainability and the Circular Economy and explore their roles in effective obsolescence management.

In our discussion, we'll examine whether REACH and other chemical compliance initiatives can create new opportunities for subcontractors in your supply chain.

Join our debate as experts from the International Institute of Obsolescence Management UK dive into these crucial topics and offer valuable insights.

Manuela Grundy, Chief Technical Officer (CTO - The International Institute of Obsolescence Management, IIOM UK
John Dyson, Technical Sales - Winslow Adaptics
Daniel Grundy, Semiconductor Resilience Manager, - Jaguar Land Rover
Andrew Dunn, Obsolescence Engineer - Leonardo