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Using Simulation to Accelerate Robust Design of Composite Components

05 Jun 2024
The Subcon Innovation Zone

This session aims to give participants an overview of modern simulation practices for composites engineering and the breadth of insight it can yield across the product lifecycle. Simulation allows many more candidate designs to be considered than would be possible through manufacturing test samples, providing significantly more information about a process. The talk will cover techniques and methodologies as well as some practical examples of applying these. Participants will come out with a deeper understanding of composites simulation, where to begin for those who are new to simulation and some advanced methods for those who are already heavy users. 

  • Understanding the role of simulation in modern composites engineering 
  • How simulation can be used to improve performance throughout the lifecycle of a component 
  • Using simulation to understand the impact of process uncertainty, such as raw material variability and machine variation 
  • How to undertake digital prototyping to accelerate the design process and give confidence in manufacturing processes 
  • Practical example of applying these tools and techniques to real cases 
Alexander Ballisat, Head of Engineering - The Centre for Modelling & Simulation (CFMS) Ltd