Inenco Panel: How to Address the Challenge of Decarbonisation

Wednesday, June 8, 2022 10:30 - 11:00

This session will focus on the obstacles many businesses face and how they should be thinking about shaping their overall decarbonisation strategy, supported by measuring progress and making the necessary changes across people, processes, and technology to get to net zero.
The importance of rethinking how we operate and consume energy whilst shifting to renewable or low carbon sources is not to be ignored. If we are to meet the UK’s net zero targets and make a significant positive impact on climate change then a decarbonisation plan should be a key focus for every business. In addition, decarbonisation is increasingly playing a key role in determining competitive advantage and ensuring that businesses that adapt to changing stakeholder priorities, will continue to thrive.

Key takeaways from this valuable and informative session include:

  • The challenges businesses are facing to decarbonise
  • The benefit of creating a roadmap towards net zero
  • How to achieve compliance and implement practical projects that will enable carbon reduction requirements
  • The value of scenario-based thinking and science-based targets
  • Understanding your return on investment
  • An assessment of the available technology options e.g. hydrogen

David Oliver, Technical Product and Insight Manager, Inenco

Michael McGowan, Group Sustainability Manager, Ibstock Brick

Brigitte Amoruso, Energy and Climate Change Senior Specialist, MakeUK