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As DVR is one of the leading contract electronic manufacturing services in the UK (CEM) our aim is to always be proactive and invest in equipment and services that often is driven by the demands of our customers. At DVR we pride ourselves on our professional bespoke facility that we believe is our best-selling tool. Inviting customers to visit our facility in Basildon, Essex is not a necessity but a demand. Our commitment to our customers is so driven that we believe the facility must reflect the attitude of our work force. Which is why DVR invest so heavily in new equipment and training for our employees. Over the last few years DVR have invested millions of pounds in new machines and equipment. We have just introduced a new wave solder system, X-ray inspection, 3D AOI inspection, selective soldering, and now conformal coating due to the growing demands of our customers.

It is important to keep growing and keeping pace with modern manufacturing methods and technologies. As components are constantly changing to necessitate the increasing demand for technology then the technology to manufacture, fit and inspect the devices becomes more critical and precise. DVR have never been afraid to keep pace with modern methods of electronic assembly this can only be achieved with a proactive attitude and the desire to be innovative when required to meet customers expectations.  

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